Results: Brazil 2014 Africa World Cup Qualifiers

Results: Brazil 2014 Africa World Cup Qualifiers

Among the interesting facts of this weekend’s Africa World Cup (Brazil 2014) Qualifiers, was the Central African Republic who beat Botswana 2-0 in Bangui to win the first World Cup qualifying match in their history. A goal in each half by Kethevoama Foxi was enough to see off a side that played at this year’s Africa Cup of Nations. Complete results of all of this weekend’s football qualifiers are presented.

Group A

03/06/12: South Africa 1-1 Ethiopia
02/06/12: Central African Republic 2-0 Botswana

Group B

02/06/12: Tunisia 3-1 Eq Guinea
02/06/12: Sierra Leone 2-1 Cape Verde

Group C

02/06/12: Ivory Coast 2-0 Tanzania
02/06/12: The Gambia 1-1 Morocco

Group D

01/06/12: Ghana 7-0 Lesotho
02/06/12: Sudan 2-0 Zambia

Group E

02/06/12: Burkina Faso 0-0 Congo
03/06/12: Niger 0-0 Gabon

Group F

03/06/12: Nigeria 1-0 Namibia
02/06/12: Kenya 0-0 Malawi

Group G

01/06/12: Egypt 2-0 Mozambique
03/06/12: Zimbabwe 0-1 Guinea

Group H

02/06/12: Algeria 4-0 Rwanda
03/06/12: Benin 1-0 Mali

Group I

02/06/12: Cameroon 1-0 DR Congo
03/06/12: Togo 1-1 Libya

Group J

02/06/12: Senegal 3-1 Liberia
03/06/12: Angola 1-1 Uganda

Following a draw by the Confederation of African Football, the ten group winners from the second round will pair off in five two-legged ties to determine who makes it to Brazil. The first legs will be played between 11-15 October 2013, while the second and decisive legs will take place on 15-19 November 2013.

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