Airport Shuttle Service – A Big Relief for Frequent Travellers

Airport Shuttle Service – A Big Relief for Frequent Travellers

I’m a frequent traveller and consider Airport Services in Africa or indeed elsewhere as important or more than the Flights & Flight schedule.

I should share my experience at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) during my previous visit for business and pleasure to Los Angeles, Long Beach and Riverside.

The LAX Airport Shuttles are really spacious man!

What I liked best was the shuttles are well-maintained. I travelled quite a bit in them and there was no breakdown even once. The engine has a smooth noiseless running .The seats are well polished, clean and cosy too.

This shuttle is ideal for frequent travellers like me, I can tell you.

If you feel like you can browse their website Quite a bit of info is splashed there. You know I did a wise thing…when I was ready to travel and zeroed in on my travel dates I simply made a reservation online with the Bon Voyage Transportation Online Service, forgot about it and started attending to my day to day work. On the day of my journey everything was in place and at the terminal I had a very comfortable time.

You know Parking is a nightmare in all these major Airports. I remember last visit how much time it took me to reach the remote parking area from the terminal. That worry was not there this time.

Oh! My! Last time I had called a taxi which did not show up at all though I waited for a long time.


My experience with taxis has been rather nightmarish. I recall the other visit when there was total confusion when and where the Taxi rented by me would return. The Taxi Driver didn’t know many of the places I intended to visit!

So this time I went for the LAX Airport Shuttle and just relaxed. The drivers took care of everything… I was rather surprised and happy to see that their premier shuttle vans are cheaper than taking a taxi! Believe me.

The LAX airport shuttle service took me on my return also to the airport on time for me to catch my flight .

What impressed me was that this Shuttle has Services to Disneyland in Anaheim. It takes us to Carnival Cruise terminal & San Pedro Cruise Ship terminal too!


For Reservation we have to just call them at their toll free number or local number for booking their LAX airport shuttle service. I’m not providing their number here, but you can find on their official site above mentioned. They also have easy online reservation form to book their shuttle.

I learn that John Wayne shuttle, Ontario Airport shuttle service, Long Beach Airport shuttle all belong to the same group and am longing to avail their services when they go there.

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