Union J Release First Single ‘Carry You’ On Capital

Union J Release First Single ‘Carry You’ On Capital

Ever wondered why all Jcats in Africa, Europe, United States, Australia, Canada etc. are excited today? The answer is simply because Union J unveiled their debut song Carry You on Capital FM and BBC Radio 1 this morning.

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The upbeat pop track which have been described as awesome by fans of the British boy band, created on last year’s X Factor, is expected to top the charts at number one shortly much to the disappointment of several one direction fans as already being witnessed on Twitter.

Band member JJ told Capital they started crying when they heard their song being played for the first time on radio. According to Jaymi, “The message of the song is [that] we’ve been on a massive roller caster the last year with each other, and it’s about being there for each other.”

Listen to Union J’s Carry You

Background: What are the names of Union J?

The four members of Union J are George Shelley, Jaymi Hensley, JJ Hamblett and Josh Cuthbert. It is only a matter of time before we found out if they can repeat One Direction’s success and make even more girls love them.

Is Union J’s first single better than one direction? Let the debate begin!

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