10,000-Year-Old Reservoir Found In Africa

10,000-Year-Old Reservoir Found In Africa

A massive ten thousand year old reservoir with enough water to last for four centuries have been found in Namibia and Angola. As a result, one of the driest areas in sub-Saharan Africa stands to benefit from a water source that is capable of supplying the region for around 400 years.

According to scientists the aquifer discovery can not only bolster development in Namibia and Angola, it will also provide people some of the cleanest water in the area when compared to alternative water sources. For example, many of the 800,000 residents living close to the Namibian and Angolan borders are said to have a solitary canal as their solitary source of water.

According to the BBC project manager Martin Quinger, from the German federal institute for geoscience and natural resources (BGR),’If the water [has spent] 10,000 years underground, it means it was recharged at a time when environmental pollution was not yet an issue, so on average it can be a lot better than water that infiltrates in cycles of months or years.’

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