Why Drogba May Consider China

Why Drogba May Consider China

Following Drogba’s announcement that he is leaving Chelsea Football Club, much has been said about his next destination: Real Madrid, Spain or Shanghai Shenhua, China? Arguably one of the best strikers in European and World football, Didier Drogba’s availability on a free transfer would catch any manager’s attention even at 35. So then, why would Drogba consider China as a likely destination?

In recent years, Chinese football clubs have been spending a lot of money recently. For example, the signing of former France International and Chelsea teammate, Nicolas Anelka, who is reportedly on a salary of around £200,000 a week. However, apart from the financial aspect, there is not a lot else to compare Chinese football with European football.

While the average match day at the Emirates stadium attracts a crowd of more than 20, 000 fans on average, the Hongkou Stadium attracts a crowd of less than 10, 000 fans. On the other hand, by spending big on the likes of Anelka and Drogba, one could also argue interest in Chinese football will increase thereby increasing the average weekly attendances, and provide money to improve football pitches and basic infrastructure. Perhaps, therein lies the attraction. Although earning big money might be an attraction, helping to raise the standards of football in the world’s most populous country may be an even bigger attraction for the likes of Didier Drogba.


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    Drogba is not only a Chelsea legend but a football legend. I will support him whatever decision he makes.

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      Thanks for your comment!

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